CA Paresh Desai

CA Paresh Desai is CEO at Sankalp Eduventure having 25 years experience as a CA in the Financial markets and a Successful Financial Coach for Stock market Trading and Investments

Being a CA , his expertise lies in Guiding his students on understanding the Stock markets through Technical and Fundamental Analysis. After spending more than 15 years in Coaching field he is now on a Mission to create awareness about Wealth Creation opportunities in Stock Market through Technical and Fundamental Analysis techniques. CA Paresh’s expertise in The Stock Market Analysis also serves the purpose of Protecting and enhancing the value of existing Shares and Securities Portfolio.

His students and Clients are as diverse as young 15 year olds to 80 yrs Senior Citizens.

Our Training Courses

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    Detailed view building
    Channelling techniques

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    Financial Analysis

    Level 4

    Quantitative Fundamental Analysis
    Qualitative Fundamental Analysis

Special Features

Pre Seminar Concept Builder

Even before starting with the seminar the participant is briefed about the based concepts and terminologies of that program to ensure instant grasp and understanding of the topics covered

In Seminar Activities

During the course of the seminar the participants are given certain activities and assignments . This achieves two things. Firstly it ensures their participation and secondly they get best value as their understanding and grasp of the topics increases

Post Seminar Revision and Doubtsolving

These sessions revive the concepts learned in the seminar. Participants doubts are answered on real charts

Great Opportunity

Mentorship Program

A Detailed Annual Program which includes a revisit to all the four programs which entails handholding at a individual level. This program aims at mastering the learnings of the Four flagship programs and build up on them. Mentorship program involves many Non market functions and learnings

Alumni Membership

Every participant automatically becomes member of the Alumni Group. This is a interactive group of past students who exchange their trades , views and information related to the stock market

Fortnightly Market Analysis

This is conducted Once a fortnight to take stock of individual stocks and Market Analysis. Its very helpful for building a view in the market. Alumni Members are free to contribute their learnings and observations

Live Market hours Session

very alternate week one live session is conducted during market hours to see and trade the live pilse of the market. Made especially for the day traders it helps get clarity in trade execution


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